Ann Gardner, the founder of Ringleader Paper Co., brings a fresh approach to each invitation and announcement design—still classic, but with a bit of modern sensibility.

We offer one of a kind personalized stationery, and fresh wedding invitations and birth announcements. Our children’s party invitations are fun and colorful, perfect for your birthday boy or girl. And our holiday photo cards are designed to catch your eye, with a playful spirit or warm greeting that goes hand in hand with the season.

Each of our designs has been thoughtfully designed and created. Extra time and effort has gone into the details of every design (along with a little personal attachment) to ensure that you feel you’re getting a unique product that’s high in quality and style.

Who the heck is Ann?

I’m a designer, photographer, and paper lover. Being raised by creative parents who, among other things, made their own Christmas cards at the kitchen table, I learned how much fun it was to make things with my hands. I grew up with paints, crayons, markers, and Colorforms. Later in life, turning all that creativity towards graphic design, I branched out into stationery design with the launch of my paper goods company, Ringleader Paper Co. Also a classically trained pastry chef, I enjoy being creative with flavors, bringing it back full circle to the kitchen table.

I’m currently designing stationery and other paper goods for MintedElli, and of course, Ringleader Paper Co.

You can find us on these web sites:

minted elli cardstore

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ann! My name is Eleanor Christine and I’m a sophomore in high school! I’m a huge theater nerd and I’m currently directing a production of much ado about nothing. I’ve been looking for the key to my vison and the nail was hit right on the head with the amazing paper animal masks. I would love to know where I can get those! Thank you so much.
    Happy day,


    1. Hi Ellie, Glad you found some inspiration here! Are you referring to the paper masks designed for Hermes? Aren’t they beautiful? As far as I know, these were commissioned for the designer so they aren’t for sale. But here’s a link to their site to inspire you further (http://www.paper-cut-project.com/about/). Have you thought about having some of your fellow theater members create some for you all to use? It might be fun to get together and have a mask making party (especially this time of year!)
      All the best, Ann


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