Holiday Cookies Guest Post for Julep

I had fun contributing to Minted’s blog, Julep. During the holiday season, in addition to their regular Julep contributors, they’re sharing stories from Minted artists and designers about how they celebrate this most wonderful time of the year.

What’s the winter holiday season without cookies? That’s like Halloween without the candy! One of my family’s favorites is Kris Crinkles. If you like spicy gingerbread type cookies, this recipe is for you. Of course, making the cookies for the post was a great hardship! 😉  I think I made a double recipe to make sure I had a few “photo worthy” cookies and enough to eat to keep my strength up for the photo shoot. All kidding aside, these go pretty fast in my house. They’re moist and chewy, not the dry, cakey cookies you usually think of when someone mentions gingerbread.

Click through to read the whole post and download the free recipe card. And be prepared to make several batches!

Photo of Kris Crinkle cookies
Kris Crinkle cookies

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